First, you need to make sure that you send in images that are taken in the correct way to have this service work the way it is intended. 

Please note that SERVO can reject your order if the images are not shot correctly.  

When you take the photos you need to follow these 3 simple rules:

1. Your camera is mounted and never moves for the entire shoot.

2. Your lens never moves, zooms in our out during the entire shoot.

3. Each player stands in the exact same spot for every shot.

If you have followed these rules please make sure that you did not crop any images before you send them in.  Cropping or editing images in any way is equal to breaking the rules.

NOTE: If you send in images that are not shot correctly the SERVO team has to guess the proportions for each player....this will NEVER be correct or perfect.  So, please follow the rules!

Please watch this video for more infomation on how to make sure you shoot your images correctly for Xtreme teams.