Our banners are designed with a template based on ratio. (ex. 2:3) While we have some designs  at a 2:3 ratio that will print a 4X6 that will not fit 11 people. The only banners we have to fit that amount are our Panoramic ($29.99) and Xtreme team designs ($44.99). The are designed at a 4:5 ratio for the Xtrreme and a 1:3 ratio for the Panoramic.


The sizes you can print a 4:5 ratio are: 8X10, 16X20, 24X30


The sizes you can print a 1:3 ratio are: 1x3, 2x6, 3x9, 4x12, 8x24, 10x30,12x36,14x42,16x48, 18x54, 20x60, 22x66, 24x72