The SERVO Extraction Service is the most popular service we have!  If you are not shooting on green screen and need your images extracted for custom posters or other products you need high quality extractions!  SERVO delivers these to you in 24 hours* and they are ready to drop into your designs right away!


Image extraction is the process of removing the subject from the background and saving the image to a transparency layer such as a .PNG  or .Tiff.


If you choose the PSD you will get back the actual layer mask on your image that you can adjust and make any fine tune adjustments to!  Just another way SERVO extractions make your life better!

Image Extraction Service Prices

Individual Images $2.00 each

Submit individual player images to SERVO and pay only $2 per image that has only 1 person to extract in the photo.

Group Images $3.00 each
It doesn't matter if it's 2 people or 200 people in the group photo!  SERVO only charges you $3 to extract that image for you!

High Detail Images $4.00 each

If you have a difficult image like tennis rackets, nets, bike get the idea....then you have a high detail image.