Step 1: Log Into SERVO

The SERVO service is a partner service with Photo Solutions Market, so you will need to create a new account separate from the account you have with Photo Solutions Market.  Once you have created your account with SERVO you can get started!   Please make sure that you do NOT use Internet Explorer or Safari browsers with SERVO as these browsers have issues with the image up-loader.  We recommend that you use Google Chrome.


If you do not have Google Chrome download it here!

Step 2: Select the Extraction Service Option

The SERVO Service also has an option for Vector Path Service if you are looking for a detailed clipping path for items that require vector paths.  The Vector Path service should NOT be used if you are just wanting a simple extraction for posters and other templates.


Step 3: Build Your Order

In this step you simply tell SERVO what your order is going to consist of.   If you are uploading two different types of files, for example individuals & team photos, you will do this two times.   For example, first you will put the number of individual images you are having extracted, name the order, select the type of extraction, select the output format and then add any special instructions for the order.  Once you have done this for your individuals add to your cart.   Now, for the team images in this order you will do the same steps again and then add to your cart.


Step 4: Checkout & Pay

This step makes some people question the process for a second because you have not yet uploaded your images.   Once you have checked out and paid you will be taken to the screen to upload your images.


Step 5: Upload Your Images

Now that you have built your order and paid you will be taken to the screen where you will see your order to upload your images to.  If you have selected multiple types of extractions you will see multiple orders to upload to.  For our example you will upload your individual players to the first order upload option and then the team images to the other upload option.


Step 6: Download Your Order

When your order is completed you will get an email confirmation.  Simply log into your SERVO account and you will have the ability to download the finished extracted files to your computer.  These will come as a zip file so remember to unzip them before trying to use them in Photoshop!